Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Saving Money

This is just very random. I am thinking of all the things I want to do right now and two of them are meal planning and organizing my home. I want to get in the habit again of planning meals. I use to be so good at doing it and sticking to my plan, but now I am too busy (lazy) and don't really know what to make. I am bored with all the meals we have been having. I really want to save money when I buy groceries and I know that planning better can do that. What do you people out there do?

Linda, what did you do when your kids were young? I will try anything and really want to learn to make some new dishes. How do you plan ahead and make time to get a good dinner on the table? I really want to know what everyone else does to get organized and have time to spend with my family, instead of cooking and cleaning up. And not just in the food department, I need to get organized all over the house. I have a spare room that is full of stuff. I really want to be able to go in there and sew or have crafts for the kids. Kristen, I may need your help with finding a place for the stuff in our spare room. You seem good at doing that at your house.

On another subject, I need to make some money. I have thought about photography, but don't really know where to begin. I would really love to work from home. (Kristen's friend Kelly has the ideal job for me, but she hasn't quit yet.)

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!


Nicole T said...

I am interested to see what you find out. With only 1 baby dinner isn't that hard yet!

kristen said...

No ideas on the meals I am a boring cook! I do know when we meal planned we could eat at home all week for about 50 dollars. I love the Macaroni Grill starter kits at walmart they are about 3.00 and yummy yummy!

Yes I love to organize and would absolutely love to help you! I know how you feel. I could have wrote a post just like that one. Maybe we will motivate each other to start.