Friday, October 3, 2008

A Few Things....

We went camping last weekend. Aaron didn't go because of being sick, but the boys and I went anyway. I wasn't worried about taking them myself but Aaron was. I assured him it would be fine and off we went. When we got there, I realized that there are things you just need Daddy for! Like picking a camping spot with a fire pit, taking the boys to the bathroom and making sure there no snakes in the rocks where you fish, (thankfully there wasn't).

The boys went to the bathroom when we first got there. I told them to go together and I was right behind them. They ran back to me and told me there were only showers. I told them no there are bathrooms too and said come on. They said that they didn't need to go anymore. When I asked why, Parker said that he peed in the shower. You see, the showers are on the opposite side of the building and they didn't look on the other side. We had a good time anyway, but I doubt I will ever go without Aaron again!

I applied for 2 jobs and haven't heard back yet. The first one I applied for 2 weeks ago and even called to check up. It is a part-time oncall job where you staff hospitals for nursing positions overnight from your home. The second is stocking american greeting cards at retail stores. I think that might be kinda fun, so we will see. I am anxious to do something though, I hope one of the places call me. I am working at Affair of the Heart at the end of the month with a girl from church. I know that will be fun, especially the shopping!

I am ready to buy x-mas presents, so people send me your list! I think I will do a post about things I would like for a gift or to add to a collection. Maybe even things the boys would like. Who knows, might be fun. Let me know what you want for a gift too. I am in the shopping mood!

Oh yea, the deck is out! Woo-Hoo!!!