Wednesday, July 30, 2008

baby zac

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Baby Zac

Well, here goes. I said I would write about Zac and here it is. He is the sweetest baby I have ever had. He is smiling all the time, loves to play toys and will roll anything on the floor, (books, balls, cars, anything). Zac just turned 1. He is the baby I was wanting to complete my family! I love everything about him.

1. He looks like Aaron as a baby
2. Is in a good mood all the time (with 2 exceptions)
3. Loves everyone around him
4. He is fascinated with everything

The exception is that Zac has an ear piercing scream when he rides in a carseat and when he is sitting in a high chair. It really is terrible sounding!

The birthday party went great. I made cake and cupcakes and Aaron decorated the cake. It really turned out fine. All of the family was there and a few friends too.

Zac did not have a name until 7 days after he was born. We had a list, sort of. The usual names were on it again. I didn't even care if his name was Dagwood this time. I really liked the name Ryan, but it didn't go with Riley for a middle name and the name Ryan Aaron sounded funny. Zac has always been on the list, but it is very hard for us to pick one for certain. All the nurses at the hospital tried to help. They brought us several name books and we had one of our own too. Family and friends tried to help. The name lady at the hospital said we had to have a name before we left. We told her that we didn't have one yet and that we would just have to call her later. So we went home and talked about it for a week. We tried out all the names when we talked to him. Nothing sounded right. We wrote down meanings of names and still didn't know. We liked Zac, but didn't want it to be Zachary. We finally chose Zac Riley because we like Zachariah and Zaccheus, which are both hebrew. I feel like God remembered us and finally gave us another beautiful baby. A few of the names we call him sometimes are Baby Zac, Zac-e, Zac a rooni, Zaccheus and Zachariah.

The Hebrew name Zachariah means - God remembered
The Hebrew name Zaccheus means - innocent, pure
The Irish name Riley means courageous

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Something Funny

Yesterday the boys and I were on our way to get Aaron at work. Zac was doing his usual screaming so I had the radio on loud. "Big, Bad, Leroy Brown" came on and I told the boys that this is a great song. However, it does have one bad word in in, so every time it came up, I turned the radio down. As we pulled into Aaron's work, the song ended. Alex came up to Zac, and singing the tune perfectly, said to him, "Zac, you're the baddest baby in the whole damn town". Well, I hurriedly said "Oh Alex, we don't need to say that". I laugh every time I think of Alex saying that. My kids haven't said a curse word until then. I guess it could have been worse

Parker said something funny a while back. (Every one go in the fridge and look at your pickle jars.) Parker wanted a pickle with his sandwich. So I am getting one out of the jar (you know the Vlasic brand) and Parker was standing beside me and kept looking at the jar very quietly. Then he said, "I didn't know Ducks liked Pickles". It took me a few seconds to realize what he was talking about. When I figured it out, I just laughed. The Vlasic brand has a stork on it!

Sometimes kids say the funniest stuff and I am sure that it will make me laugh for a long time to come.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Turning 8 in 2008

Happy Birthday Alexander!!
He is 8 years old today. I can't believe it. It is hard to realize that when you have a baby they get bigger. I don't mean toddler aged, I mean grow up into adults. It is still shocking to me. I don't feel any different than the person I was at 20. More mature for certain, wiser sure. I can't believe that Aaron and I created a little person that will grow up and live a wonderful life. He will probably not be much different at age 20 than he is at age 8.

2 years old
I remember making the decision to have a baby. I just didn't think about the baby not being a baby anymore. Well, it is obvious that Alex isn't a baby anymore. He is a kind, generous, smart, and thoughtful boy. He loves to play transformers, and animals and imagine all kinds of things. He is very interested in science and nature. Aaron is always sure to tell him of new discoveries in the animal world. He gets very excited to go new places and do new things (especially after he gets there). He talks all the time and loves to tell you about everything. He is sweet and loving. He is reading so well now and really enjoys boy scouts.
3 years old
Alexander was born at 7:36 pm on July 19, 2000. When I was about 8 weeks pregnant, I started vomiting and it was so bad! I lost 25lbs. and only gained back 16lbs. I couldn't go to work or eat or move. I lost weight every week. I was on medication that didn't make the sickness stop. It was so miserable. I layed on the couch with a spit cup and trash can to get sick in. Even so, I was very excited to have a baby! At about 5 months, I felt better and only threw up once a day for the rest of the pregnancy.

4 yrs old
The original due date was Aug 14th. I went to bed and woke up at 3 am with back pain. After trying to sleep and several baths and showers, I knew that it was probably time to have the baby. So I packed the bags and told Aaron it was ok to shower. Then we left about 12:30pm. The contractions were about 5 min apart, then got closer together. I was thinking that I didn't want to have a baby in the car, because the Hospital was 40 miles away. We got to the Dr and when I was checked, he said we are having a baby today. Almost a month early! He prepared us for a premature baby and off we went.

6 yrs old
We didn't have a name yet. We had a list, but nothing certain. Some of the names were Trey, Zachary, and of course Dagwood. On the last day in the hospital we still didn't have one picked. So we put the names in a hat and added the name Alexander to it, (Aaron said that he always like the name). The 1st name we picked out was Zac and we decided that he didn't look like a Zac, so we picked again. I was praying that it would not be Dagwood, Thank God it was not! Alexander came out 2nd, and he looked like one, so that became his name. It means "defender of mankind". I am so proud of my son and the boy that he is. I know that he will be a great man some day! I don't feel old, but my oldest son is getting older!

Thank you God for giving me this child.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Kristen

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Zac
Pictures will be coming soon.