Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Little Diddy

Rain, Rain
Go away.
Come again another Day.

Seriously, Rain go away.
Come back in July and August.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Aaron

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mowing, garage sale and other junk....

  • I mowed today. I love how the yard looks freshly cut!
  • It is warm this week. Right now its almost 90 degrees. It isn't even summer yet!
  • I didn't get the job I really wanted. They needed someone on call during the day. I don't have anyone to watch the baby and pick up the boys, if I would get called to work. That's a Bummer, because I would have really liked it.
  • The same job now has an assistant position open that is not substitute and you have to have a college degree. It is 20 hrs, but they need someone with a flexible schedule. I could have a flexible schedule if they told me ahead of time!
  • It is supposed to get stormy on Sunday. Yippee, I am going to get my camera out this time!
  • I have been slowly getting rid of things. Now I have a collection of stuff. Should I put it in a garage sale or donate it and get a tax credit? I am torn, because I hate to bring it home if it doesn't sale and then have to donate it anyway. Don't know what to do. Plus, I really like to go to garage sales, not have them. I have never made more than $80 :(
  • We are going to a small group in our church every week.
  • Someone I went to school with since 2nd grade died last week. He had a wife and kids. Very sad!
  • I am already making dinner. My kids are so hungry after school. I thought I would give myself a headstart. Maybe they will all be in bed early?
  • Zac and I have been outside all week for hours at a time.

Blah, blah, blah....anyway have a good rest of the day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We are going!

My husband just bought our U2 tickets! 11.5 years ago, my parents asked me if I wanted free Rolling Stones tickets and I said no. When I told Aaron, he made me call them back and say Yes I did want them. I thought he was crazy, but it turns out that that was one of the best concerts!

So now we both decided not to let U2 pass us by. Because he works for the University, he was able to buy tickets before they went on sale. It is hard to see exactly where we will be sitting, but I am sure that it will be fine. I am just excited to go! When he asked if we should spend that much money, I gave him a choice, either take me to a nice hotel for our anniversary or see U2 in concert. You know what he picked, haha :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection Sunday

Thank you, O'Lord, for sending your only son, so that I may be forgiven of all my sins!

Egg Dyeing is so much fun. This is Zac's 1st time and he loved it! He rolled in all over his face and licked it and painted it to Death. The paint brush ended up going thru the entire egg! After they went to bed I took some more pictures before I had to throw that egg away. Next year I will have to boil more because they had so much fun!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Kathy!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have lots of yummy sweets at the Melting Pot.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pa Pa

Happy Birthday Grandpa Harold

Running Rampant

Sickness has been running rampant in our house this new year. Right now Alex has a sinus, ear, & eye infection and is having to take his inhaler to prevent the wheezing from getting worse. Sunday his allergies started acting up and monday he was really not feeling good. He stayed home that morning but I sent him to school in the afternoon. Well, by that night he had a fever and an ear ache. I had planned on doing a lot more blogging this year, but so far it seems I have nothing to post except "we are sick and now we are better", ha ha.

Hopefully soon, I will have something exciting to write about. Till then, TA TA!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Did you know....

I recently made a TO-DO LIST for our house. Yep, I did, and it's pretty long :)

I have been applying for jobs? I was offered one and turned that down. Last week I had an interview and haven't heard back from that one yet. (I am a little nervous about that, hopefully it will work out. I think that I would like it)

I would love to have a huge yard. I would plant gardens of all kinds and spend all my time outside.

I read all the time. I am talking one book in 2 days or less. I am a speed reader. It used to be just sci-fi, then romance, and now mystery/suspense. I never read non fiction, unless I have too! I had started posting the books I have read in 2009, but there are too many and it would take up too much space

I collected dragon figurines a long time ago.

I would love to have one more baby!

I always made A's in English and C's in math.

I would love to be a storm chaser, maybe when my kids are older

I don't like to eat the food I make, it tastes better when someone else makes it!

I really dislike all the clutter in my house. It isn't even my stuff, but it is not junk (most of it) and there is nowhere to put it for safe keeping

I love photography and developing pictures

I wish I lived closer to friends :(

I am a shy person

My parents drink and smoke and I do not!

I like to cook and hate to clean it up

My favorite season is Spring

I have an eclectic taste in music-Irish folk, Johnny Cash, William Shatner, Nickelback, CCR, & the Beatles to name a few

I want to take my kids on vacations to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Alaska, Redwood National Forest, the ocean, the Rockie Mts. Anything natural.....

I am a den leader in Cub scouts and a teacher at church.

I have a college degree in Art and a minor in Photography. I wanted it to be a major, but they didn't offer it and still don't.

I want to find a job I love and will enjoy doing it no matter what. Any ideas?