Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mowing, garage sale and other junk....

  • I mowed today. I love how the yard looks freshly cut!
  • It is warm this week. Right now its almost 90 degrees. It isn't even summer yet!
  • I didn't get the job I really wanted. They needed someone on call during the day. I don't have anyone to watch the baby and pick up the boys, if I would get called to work. That's a Bummer, because I would have really liked it.
  • The same job now has an assistant position open that is not substitute and you have to have a college degree. It is 20 hrs, but they need someone with a flexible schedule. I could have a flexible schedule if they told me ahead of time!
  • It is supposed to get stormy on Sunday. Yippee, I am going to get my camera out this time!
  • I have been slowly getting rid of things. Now I have a collection of stuff. Should I put it in a garage sale or donate it and get a tax credit? I am torn, because I hate to bring it home if it doesn't sale and then have to donate it anyway. Don't know what to do. Plus, I really like to go to garage sales, not have them. I have never made more than $80 :(
  • We are going to a small group in our church every week.
  • Someone I went to school with since 2nd grade died last week. He had a wife and kids. Very sad!
  • I am already making dinner. My kids are so hungry after school. I thought I would give myself a headstart. Maybe they will all be in bed early?
  • Zac and I have been outside all week for hours at a time.

Blah, blah, blah....anyway have a good rest of the day!

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NanAZ said...

I'm with you on garage sales, although I've made more than $80 more than once. I did them when I REALLY needed the money and didn't have as many options on how to make it. Now I feel like my time is a little more valuable than the money I would make. I try to save my items to donate to my favorite non-profits to help their cause. I do enjoy going to them though, but I'm not nearly as consistent at it as Linda T. She's a pro! I often don't even remember to go out on Fridays or Saturdays, even if I have the time. I love the thrill of the hunt though.