Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year....

For this new year, I want to make some changes.

  • Get organized
  • Stay organized
  • De-clutter
  • Finish house projects
  • Start a blog for each boy and print it out at the end of the year just for them. (I may do a catch-up blog for Zac starting when he was born, just for my benefit. Hey, he's only 1, I can easily do that)
  • Make some money from photography
  • Read 1 book a month
  • Finish some scrapbook projects, so I can catch-up to the digital photos.
  • Have 1 date a month with my Husband
  • Have 1 day a month to myself (no husband or kids)
  • Lose about 15 lbs.
  • Read my bible every week
I would love to finish the house projects soon! They are mostly do it yourself things, except carpeting. But our bedroom is in dire need of repair! Scrape the ceiling, retexture, paint and flooring. Then there is the kitchen backsplash and a section on the ceiling that needs to be fixed and add a light that we have had for about a year now. I don't think that it will take long to do, just the knowledge and stamina to do it!

Finally the last thing on my list is too
  • Sell our house and move to a "new" house
You should know that this is always on my list of things to do, but we never get to that. I think that the older my kids get the more important it is to do this last thing! I like my house now and really like my boys school and the fact that we live 2 blocks away. But, sadly, there is no room to grow or play here and my boys do not have friends that we can go see. We need some space (like a few acres) to move around and get outside. So hopefully, this is the year to try and move.

Any Hoo, that is all. See ya next year

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Time

This is just a portion of how we spent our christmas this year. It was so fun to watch the little ones open gifts and be excited! We visited lots of family and had such a great time and received wonderful gifts. Thank you all so much and we love you. Have a great new year!

Mitzi's birthday

Today is my great-grandmother Mitzi's 95th birthday. We celebrated by going to her birthday party at the 1st baptist church in Waurika, about 2 hrs away from our house. She has lived in this town forever and her children were raised there and my mom lived there till she was 5.

It was always a treat to drive there to visit when I was younger and I still love the drive, (minus Zac's crying there and back). It is what I think of when describing a small town in Oklahoma. There is a main street with a brick road. Railroad tracks thru town. A drug store with an old fashioned soda fountain. The house are old and historic. You can drive around till you find the place you were looking for and not be lost. The streets are names of trees and the letters of the alphabet; Walnut, Hickory, Elm; A, B, C....perfect setting for a story!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

We Baked!!!

Saturday Kathy, Kristen, and I got together to bake for Christmas at Kathy's house. We started about 10:30 in the morning and didn't finish until around 3. Kristen made candy pretzels and toffee. Kathy made a norwegian cookie and sugar cookies for the grandkids to decorate. I made truffles and fudge. It was very yummy and so fun to do!

Kristen's grandma used to do this with her sister and mother when her kids were young and Kristen thought that it would be such a cool tradition to start. I can't wait till next year. Good thing it is only once a year or else I would put on too much weight eating everyone's goodies!

We Baked!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My anniversary gift

Aaron made me a Photo book of pictures that I had taken in 2008 for an anniversay present. He had to edit them to be on the pages the way he wanted instead of the way the book recommended. I think that he literally spent hours on this gift. On the cover is a flower photo from our garden and the spine says "Photography Vol. 1. I was really shocked when he gave it to me. I thought for sure it was a Pyrex dish. He handed me the book and I thought why did he give me a Photo mounted on a board. Duh, it took a few minutes to figure out what it was. I love it. It is the most AWESOME GIFT EVER! Thank you so much and I love you...Here is a sample of some of the book. Enjoy!

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My anniversary gift

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My anniversary gift

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Merry Christmas from Kathy and Family

This is our annual Christmas picture. Merry Christmas!
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary

(picture in 2004)
Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Aaron, and I can't wait to spend more years with you. It has been an exciting time so far, full of andventure, love, and happiness!

Aaron and I met in college in the fall of 1994. We went on a few dates and then didn't date again until the fall of 1996. We married in December of 1997. It was a beautiful day, the weather was mild everything went great! We had a fabulous honeymoon in Cancun for a week and came home to celebrate our first Christmas.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Aunt Linda

I just want to say Happy Birthday to Aunt Linda.
You are a very inspiring person to me.
I love reading your blog and hearing all
the great stories and testimonies of your life.
Have a great birthday!

Happy Birthday Joe

Well, today Joe turns really old, like 28!!!
We hope you have a Happy Birthday and get to enjoy some of it.
Do good on your test!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

pics of my baby's in 2004

I took the boys to the park for pictures and this is what happened. Lots of sticks and dirt and boy stuff. Oh, and Alex fell off the playground steps right as I was taking a picture. So I have that too. Check the last pic. After seeing these, I have decided that Zac looks like Parker minus the white hair.