Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mitzi's birthday

Today is my great-grandmother Mitzi's 95th birthday. We celebrated by going to her birthday party at the 1st baptist church in Waurika, about 2 hrs away from our house. She has lived in this town forever and her children were raised there and my mom lived there till she was 5.

It was always a treat to drive there to visit when I was younger and I still love the drive, (minus Zac's crying there and back). It is what I think of when describing a small town in Oklahoma. There is a main street with a brick road. Railroad tracks thru town. A drug store with an old fashioned soda fountain. The house are old and historic. You can drive around till you find the place you were looking for and not be lost. The streets are names of trees and the letters of the alphabet; Walnut, Hickory, Elm; A, B, C....perfect setting for a story!

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