Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Something Funny

Yesterday the boys and I were on our way to get Aaron at work. Zac was doing his usual screaming so I had the radio on loud. "Big, Bad, Leroy Brown" came on and I told the boys that this is a great song. However, it does have one bad word in in, so every time it came up, I turned the radio down. As we pulled into Aaron's work, the song ended. Alex came up to Zac, and singing the tune perfectly, said to him, "Zac, you're the baddest baby in the whole damn town". Well, I hurriedly said "Oh Alex, we don't need to say that". I laugh every time I think of Alex saying that. My kids haven't said a curse word until then. I guess it could have been worse

Parker said something funny a while back. (Every one go in the fridge and look at your pickle jars.) Parker wanted a pickle with his sandwich. So I am getting one out of the jar (you know the Vlasic brand) and Parker was standing beside me and kept looking at the jar very quietly. Then he said, "I didn't know Ducks liked Pickles". It took me a few seconds to realize what he was talking about. When I figured it out, I just laughed. The Vlasic brand has a stork on it!

Sometimes kids say the funniest stuff and I am sure that it will make me laugh for a long time to come.


kristen said...

Too funny.

Nicole T said...

I never thought of that. How does a stork go with a pickle?

linda t said...

Tooo cute!
Thanks for sharing Brandi... I love your stories and what a fun way to preserve them so you won't forget.
That Aaron cracks me up! What a fun Dad!