Saturday, July 19, 2008

Turning 8 in 2008

Happy Birthday Alexander!!
He is 8 years old today. I can't believe it. It is hard to realize that when you have a baby they get bigger. I don't mean toddler aged, I mean grow up into adults. It is still shocking to me. I don't feel any different than the person I was at 20. More mature for certain, wiser sure. I can't believe that Aaron and I created a little person that will grow up and live a wonderful life. He will probably not be much different at age 20 than he is at age 8.

2 years old
I remember making the decision to have a baby. I just didn't think about the baby not being a baby anymore. Well, it is obvious that Alex isn't a baby anymore. He is a kind, generous, smart, and thoughtful boy. He loves to play transformers, and animals and imagine all kinds of things. He is very interested in science and nature. Aaron is always sure to tell him of new discoveries in the animal world. He gets very excited to go new places and do new things (especially after he gets there). He talks all the time and loves to tell you about everything. He is sweet and loving. He is reading so well now and really enjoys boy scouts.
3 years old
Alexander was born at 7:36 pm on July 19, 2000. When I was about 8 weeks pregnant, I started vomiting and it was so bad! I lost 25lbs. and only gained back 16lbs. I couldn't go to work or eat or move. I lost weight every week. I was on medication that didn't make the sickness stop. It was so miserable. I layed on the couch with a spit cup and trash can to get sick in. Even so, I was very excited to have a baby! At about 5 months, I felt better and only threw up once a day for the rest of the pregnancy.

4 yrs old
The original due date was Aug 14th. I went to bed and woke up at 3 am with back pain. After trying to sleep and several baths and showers, I knew that it was probably time to have the baby. So I packed the bags and told Aaron it was ok to shower. Then we left about 12:30pm. The contractions were about 5 min apart, then got closer together. I was thinking that I didn't want to have a baby in the car, because the Hospital was 40 miles away. We got to the Dr and when I was checked, he said we are having a baby today. Almost a month early! He prepared us for a premature baby and off we went.

6 yrs old
We didn't have a name yet. We had a list, but nothing certain. Some of the names were Trey, Zachary, and of course Dagwood. On the last day in the hospital we still didn't have one picked. So we put the names in a hat and added the name Alexander to it, (Aaron said that he always like the name). The 1st name we picked out was Zac and we decided that he didn't look like a Zac, so we picked again. I was praying that it would not be Dagwood, Thank God it was not! Alexander came out 2nd, and he looked like one, so that became his name. It means "defender of mankind". I am so proud of my son and the boy that he is. I know that he will be a great man some day! I don't feel old, but my oldest son is getting older!

Thank you God for giving me this child.


linda t said...

What a wonderful post about your first-born son Alex!
Loved hearing the story of his birth and all the pictures you posted!
He is such dear, sweet role-model, big brother to his brothers.
Happy Birthday Alex!! We love you!

Nicole T said...

I love your story! I love that you remeber so much about it, and it surely doesn't mean you are getting old!

Miranda said...

I love Alex... he really is so smart!! One if my favorite stories of Alex was when he sang the transformers song it me in the most angelic little boy voice... it still makes me laugh hysterically thinking about it. I miss you guys

kristen said...

I love my nephew. I love his smile and the way he say "kristen" when I try to tease him! I am so glad loves the Waffle House like I do!