Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here are a few of my favorites. I like the ones on Kristen's blog too. But in these she is busy doing her own thing and doesn't notice that we are working hard for her. This is one of my favorites. It is not edited.

I love the above picture. It is one of those that if they had just looked at you, then it would be the greatest ever. But oh well. It is still cute.

If you look close, you will notice that Mya has a handful of gravel, and later dirty hands because of it. It was still fun!


kristen said...

I like those too...its so mya because in all of those we see NO eyes!!!

kristen said...

Hey check out tomorrow's memories on my blog...she went to the same place we were at and she use the black waterfall. Very cool pics. Next time we might have to do Kennady's and make her get in the water too. ha!