Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Countertops

I finally had new countertops put in. They look so good compared to the old ones. Now I don't know what to do for the backsplash. Any suggestions? We think that we want tile, but are not sure. We already updated our appliances, sink, and faucet in 2007 and had a cabinet taken out above the countertop also. I used to hit my head on it all the time. Oh yea, new cabinet hardware and paint in 2005.

It all started because we had a pipe leaking under the kitchen floor, so we put in a new sewer line outside the house in 2006. Aaron and I dug 80 ft. of line, with help from Joe and our plumber friend Bill. Then we had to rebuild the rotten bar cabinets and that is when we took out half the cabinet above the bar. We also had to put in a new porch too. It was hard work.

digging the trench

rebuilding the cabinets

laying the new porch

(old countertops and appliances. this is a terrible picture)


kristen said...

I love your kitchen and I think you should just texture and paint and enjoy! I do love tile though.

linda t said...

I agree with Kristen... just paint the backsplash and ENJOY! You're done!

LOVE your counter tops sooo much!
LOVE your drawer pulls!
Your whole Kitchen looks awesome!