Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mya's 2 yr pictures

Last Sunday, Grandma Kathy and Aaron took Alex, Parker and Kennday to see a movie downtown. Kristen and I were chatting on the phone and she asked when I could take Mya's picture. So we decided to do it that day. Let me tell you first off that I was very nervous! I always worry that the pictures won't turn out or the person won't like them. Zac can be hard to take places sometimes and he had to go with us, and on top of that, Mya is 2. That is a whole paragraph by itself!


But I can honestly say, that I had the greatest time ever! Joe pushed Zac in a stroller and he did so good. I hardly ever heard a peep out of him, he had a great time. Mya was so busy going everywhere and running (without shoes) and Kristen and I are trying to keep up. But I have to say that the pictures really did turn out great! My favorites are when she is not looking at me because she is so busy getting into something. Kristen said that all the blogs she reads from photographers say that they are getting a workout just taking the picture and I believe it. My legs have hurt all week like I did squats and my back is killing me, not to mention that my shirt was completely soaked down the back with sweat.

after photoshop

We went to OU Health Science Center and then to the state capitol. The last set of pictures were taken on the steps of the capitol and Mya ran up and down them many times. If you saw them you would know why my legs were sore. Aaron has been editing them in photoshop, so they are going to be awesome! I can't wait to take more!


kristen said...

yeah I finally get to see one! I love it. You did great and I think you should go into business for yourself. Oh and you can practice on any of us anytime!!! Thank you so much and remember to plan something for this weekend don't even ask aaron just plan it!

kristen said...

I looked closer and love her dirty fingernails!!!

brandi said...

Thanks kristen, that means a lot!

Nicole T said...

These look awesome, I can't wait to see more! Shawn has to do photoshop for me too! But I don't have that good photographers eye like you do.

linda t said...

Great job Brandi!!
I love them ALL!
You have an eye for capturing just the right moment. And like you said, that's not easy with little ones!