Monday, May 25, 2009

camping @ witchita mts

Day 1:

We dropped Zac off at Grandma's and then drove to the witchita mts. We found a campsite after driving around like vultures waiting for someone to leave. As soon as we unpacked our tent and chairs, it started pouring rain! So we put a tarp over it to keep from getting wetter, paid for our site and then went exploring. We went to the nature center, had a yummy dinner in Medicine park and then drove back to camp. Alex and I drove to find wood for a fire. On the way we stopped at the bathrooms and saw a buffalo. I made him take pictures with the buffalo in the background. As soon as we got back in the car, 3 guys were chased by the same buffalo so I guess we were really lucky that wasn't us!

We ended up sleeping in our van because it was just too wet to make a tent, plus it rained more that night. It was nice and cool and not bad sleeping arrangement either!

Day 2:

Because it was so shaded, we slept in until 8am. Aaron made a breakfast of eggs and bacon. We packed up the campsite and set off to fish and hike. We spent about 3 hours fishing. It was a blast! We all put on sunblock, but Aaron and I were sunburned anyway. After fishing, we hiked up a little mountain. It was a little scary on the top, because the boys were running everywhere. We took some great pictures and started walking down. Afterward we drove to the prairie dogs, had dinner at sonic and then drove home to get Zac and unpack.
I have to say that the Witchita Mts is now our favorite camping place and will for sure go back!

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