Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Older New Car

Well we finally bought a 2nd car. It's a 2002 Honda Accord, with 108,000 miles. We have been looking for a year, and everytime we see a good deal it is already gone. So this time I emailed the seller asking if it was still available. They said yes and we went to see it. The owners bought it brand new with 20 miles on it. It was kept in the garage all the time and the lady only drove it to work and home. The interior is spotless! The husband kept a journal of everything they ever did to the car in the glove box. We just couldn't pass it up, even though we have never paid $6,900 for a vehicle. We are hoping that it is worth it and we can drive it for a very long time!

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kristen said...

uuummmm...we may need to borrow said car! the joys of two vehicles hahaha!