Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Reading Kick-off

I will just do bullet points of all the highlights. I will tell you that before we started marching, neither of my big boys wanted to do it. They both said it was dumb and no fun. That is why in some pictures they look a little grumpy. When we left they couldn't wait to call and tell their daddy about everything they did because it was "So Awesome".

  • All the kids got a Kazoo to play as they marched from City Hall to the Library
  • Found friends from school and scouts
  • Zac got a picture with the motorcycle police officer
  • Signed up for Summer Reading, 10 min a day until the end of July, then you get a medal!
  • Got more free tickets to events during the summer
  • Ate snowcones
  • Played WII
  • Face painting
  • Computer games
  • Checked out books
  • The boys got their OWN LIBRARY CARDS with a certificate!
  • Ate a Happy Meal

All in all, it was a great way to start summer break. I am so glad we went!

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