Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My friend called Friday night at 9:30 to tell me that she won 4 Monty Pythons Spamalot tickets. We wanted to go to the show, but decided that $22 was too much to spend each. So she enters a contest online with KFOR tv station. She gets an email saying she won and to pick her tickets up the night of.

So last night Aaron, Stephanie and I went. We spent $30 something at La Luna mexican restaurant and paid $5 to park. We had an extra ticket, but couldn't think of anyone else to go with us.

After the show we all decided that we would have paid to see the show it was so Good, I mean Great! We have never been to a broadway play. I was blown away! If any of you get a chance, go see a show, it was a great experience! It makes me want to watch all the Monty Python show again. Hilarious!!

Oh by the way, Lion King is coming in April and I would love to go (I mean Win) see it.


Miranda said...

I am super jealous that you saw spamalot. When I went with Tyler's choir group to New York I planned to take a big group of students on our free night on the town to go see spamalot. But, alas it was sold out. So we saw another show instead. I still am dying to see Spamalot because I love the Holy Grail movie SO much. I did find a broadway gift shop in time square and got these novelty Spamalot coconuts on a string to make my horse sounds. I'm glad you got to see the show. and DEFINITELY go see Lion King. I hear it is fabulous and I am planning on seeing it when it comes to Tempe.

linda t said...

So happy for you guys!! I love to hear how God blesses others. So glad you loved the show!

If "jersey Boys" ever comes to town, Kathy would LOVE it! She loved "The Four Seasons" and the sound trac is awesome and she would love the whole experience.

I have always said that if I were rich, I would buy season tickets to the theater!

kristen said...

I am have got to see lion king we need to go!!

Nicole T said...

I am glad you had so much fun. It must be fun for you and Aaron to get to have a night out on the town!