Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Haircut

Zac had his first Haircut June 18th! His hair was getting long on top and it is hot, so it would stick to his face. When the wind blows real hard, it all flies in the air. He was so good. The boys entertained and Daddy got a cut too, so Zac had someone else to watch. I held him in my arms and Sandra went around his head snipping here and there. A couple of times Zac turned and looked at what she was doing. The haircut didn't start until 7pm and he is usually in bed by then, but he did really good. He yawned a couple of times and stared a little bit too. But he really loves Sandra and she is a very lively lady.

Sandra is the only person that cuts Aaron and the boys hair. Aaron was roommates with her son Jesse, so he has been getting haircuts there since our college days. I have certificate's and photos of Sandra with all 3 of my boys for their first haircut. Zac looks super cute and he is now ready for his 1st birthday party this Saturday. We are having Bratwurst, watermelon, chips and dip, and I am going to attempt to make the cake. I have a really cool kids cookbook that has lots of great ideas. We shall see. (Stay tuned, because Aaron made the party invitations.)


kristen said...

I love my little Zac-e, not sure how to spell it the way I say it!

Miranda said...

what a handsome little boy!

Nicole T said...

can't wait for party pics!

linda t said...

Waaay, way cute!!
Love the haircut!
What a precious little boy. Kathy said the party was so sweet and fun for the kids.