Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day!! We spent fathers day at Grandma's house. The kids swam for a while and then we played a game Aaron bought called "bocce ball". Kristen and I each made a dessert that the guys would like. Mine was Aunt Debbie's Pistachio Dessert. Very yummy! We had kabobs on the grill and salad and bread. It was a perfect day.

The boys painted Aaron a picture and decorated the frame themselves. I know Aaron was so surprised, he thought we forgot about him. Zac and I gave him $10 to go see the "Incredible Hulk" movie. Oh yea, I made Aaron wear his Coolest Dad shirt the boys got him 3 years ago. It was a great day and Aaron really is the "Coolest Dad" for my boys.

P.S. I love you

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linda t said...

What a sweet family!
Your little Zac is such a doll!
We had shish kabobs that day too!