Wednesday, May 28, 2008

UNO in Bed

Since summer began, my boys have been playing UNO at bedtime.

The first night I got onto them and told them to get in their own beds, but later I let them play. They were going to have a sleepover, but it got too crowded and Alex was falling in between the bed and the wall, so he had to get back on the top bunk.

The second night, I told them at 9:25 they had to stop playing at 10pm and go to sleep in their own beds. It is so cute! They have been using their headlights from Christmas and hooking them onto the bed slats for light and then playing UNO quietly until they are tired.

They are the best of friends and I love to listen at their door at night. They say the funniest stuff! I love that they play so good together all the time and that they have each other.

I would always recommend having kids this close together (26 months apart). I pray that Zac has someone, like Alex and Parker have each other.


Nicole T said...

How precious! I hope they always stay so close! Will Zac ever have another friend?

Jenna Consolo said...

So cute! That pic of your boys is GORGEOUS! Great eye! Thanks for popping on over to my blog from Piper's! It's nice to meet a new blog friend!