Saturday, March 5, 2011

Start to the weekend

Friday Parker woke up with a sore throat and a low fever, so I had him stay home. Thankfully Aaron was working from home, so I could take the dog to get his stitches out. No more cone, Yea!

When I came home Parker was feeling worse, so I peeked in his mouth. It was NASTY! I made him an appointment for the afternoon. Dr. said he has STREP THROAT! I am praying that no one else gets it and that Parker is feeling better soon. What a way to start the weekened right?

Oh yea, and the dog has been jumping the fence and wandering the streets again. I should enter him in a contest for the highest jump!

I have a lot to do today with housework. Then I have to get ready to take pictures at a national guard unit's party. Charlie Med here we come!

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