Wednesday, March 23, 2011

saving money

I have been trying hard to save money on grocery's this month. I bought 2 Sunday papers for coupons, subscribe to coupon blogs and look up recipes. We are still planning our vegetable garden, but since it's not planting time, there is not much to be done with that yet.

I got an email about a deal from Moolala. I have never bought anything before, but this seemed to be what I've been looking for. I will let you know if it works out. It is supposed to save money when you grocery shop, because you only buy what you need to make meals for the week. We will see.

I need to save money anyway possible nowadays. My husband did not get a promotion that he was promised due to budget cuts :( He hasn't had a raise in over 5 years and everyone knows that the economy is not what it was 5, even 10 years ago. When I got our taxes back from the CPA, I was shocked to see how little income we had. It is pretty terrifying! I have been praying about it lately. I wasn't surprised that the promotion was cancel, but others got their promotion because it was looked at before the state budget went into effect, really sucks! We have never had to worry about this in our marraige until now! I am sure God will send something along in place of that though.

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