Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Month list for March

I thought I should have some goals for March. Sorta like a Big List, if you know what I mean? Well, this list should just be fun/want too stuff just for me. Maybe family stuff that I think is fun.
  • Plant a vegetable garden
  • take portraits of my children and print them
  • take portraits for other people-Kristen, I am ready are you?
  • read a book a week-right now I am starting Harry Potter #4
  • go to the movies
  • have a date with my hubby (march 5th we are going to take pictures for a friend's army unit that is leaving for duty. They are having a party/dinner)
  • fun day trip during spring break for the family
  • make some handmade gifts
  • open my windows and turn off the heater

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