Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gift Ideas

Well, this list is hard because we have so many things! We have lots of action figures, legos, guns, and games. I would personally like to not have more of those things, but by-golly boys are hard to buy for. You could actually wrap up the toys they already own and give it to them again! So this year I am trying to come up with things that they could use over and over and not get bored. See how hard that is! Creative things. Here are a few things....

A Box, all kids love boxes, so there is one idea for everyone.

Books about things, like science, folk lores, and myths, monsters, ect....

Music, they use their cd player now and only have a few things to listen too (spongebob and a karoke cd.)

Cool clothes, you know the kind other kids wear
Cool shoes, Parker especially would love it!

Alex loves bad guy action figures, (he says they look cooler), creepy crawly stuff, science stuff.

Parker likes to be creative, he sits in bed at night and writes and plays toys and colors

Zac would love to have the wrapping paper and boxes that stuff comes in .
All the boys would love boxes big boxes!


kristen said...

Not that I am an expert but I love to by the clothes that I think are cool and oh my gosh Targets boy clothes are very...rad! haha!

Great Ideas and some are what I was already thinking of.

Hey do you read bring the rain?? the 7x7 picture is from hers! Great reading huh?

Check out making home blog.

kristen said...

also check out the "e" blog on my list and let me know what you think of camera straps...aren't they great! I just can't pick which one I like. I can also think of a great photographer that could use one...well if you like em!

I know its not some peoples thing so it won't hurt my feelings if you think they are cheesy or useless!