Sunday, February 20, 2011

  • has been married 13 yrs
  • wants to read more good books (suggestions welcome)
  • has a college degree in art and photography
  • has 3 children
  • wants to strenghten her relationships
  • wants to improve her additude
  • needs to stop drinking so much pop
  • needs to make money doing something from home (what I don't know?)
  • wants to take her family to yellowstone national park
  • wants her children to experience an adventure
  • enjoys vintage furniture
  • wants to have a cozy home
  • likes to bake, not clean up
  • loves getting a new hairstyle
  • loves photography
  • probably will think of lots of better things to add later, ha

1 comment:

linda t said...

LOVE your SHE list!!
Randy & I want to go to Yellowstone National Park real bad too!
Every vacation should create a sense of adventure. My kids are still more about the adventure that goes into traveling somewhere... rather the actual arrival.
Love that.