Saturday, February 26, 2011


I am going to make a list of things to do this weekend. I saw this idea on a blog I read and it sounded like something I could do.
  • clean kitchen
  • finish laundry
  • sweep
  • eat lunch
  • print some 8x10's
  • read a book
  • make dinner
  • watch a movie
  • help a friend declutter
  • play outside in the garden
  • church
  • get ready for the next week

Sounds pretty boring, right??? Yea I am sure it is, ha! I am going to start as soon as I am done on the computer!


linda t said...

Sounds like the perfect Saturday Brandi!
I need to get back to making daily lists again.
Thanks for the inspiration.

brandi76 said...

I got it from amy's lemon and rasberry. She is very creative!