Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Soccer Started

Soccer started! I have to say that I enjoy going. It is fun to watch little kids play soccer. I was watching the 8yr old team today, and they never stop talking even when they are running!

I was unsure of how my boys would do, especially Alex. But so far I am really impressed. Even though Alex is goofy and talks non-stop, he still is playing great and is agressive with the ball. Way to go! Parker, of course, is doing great too. They are both nervous about the first game this Saturday. I am sure after they get thru it, it will be fine. Parker said he likes practise, but doesn't want to "battle".

I will let you know how the game goes. We had to bring our camera the first practise. Thanks Aaron for the great pics!

Daddy and Zac had lots of fun too!

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kristen said...

we need you guys to bring your camera to one of our practises so we can get great pic like those! can't wait for the battle! hopefully they don't play at the same time as kennady!