Monday, December 28, 2009

Blizzard 2009

We just had a Blizzard! On Christmas eve! Like the kind they had way back in Laura Ingalls Wilder day! I measured 18 inches on the back porch when it was over.
It was very fun to watch that much snow come down, but not fun to be out in it. The state closed all major highways and roads. People were stranded in their car for 24 hrs or more. Thankfully, we could just watch it unfold in the safety of home. We did get out in it around 2pm to try and make it to Kathy's for the evening. We turned around about 1/4 mile from our house. It was blowing too hard and the windows were icing over. You couldn't see in front of you. We managed to make it back before it got worse. We sat in the van for a while watching it come down before we were ready to run back into the house. We were very Lucky!

The next day Kathy's neighbor came to shovel us out of the front door. The snow drifts were up to my Waist! It took about 3 weeks for everthing to melt. I have never seen that before and maybe never will again. It was a sight to behold that is for sure. Something like probably only happens every 100 years or so!

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