Thursday, March 19, 2009

las vegas part. 2

Well, currently I am waiting on Aaron to get done with classes for the day. I think that soon I will go see the Living Garden's and visit a rare book store in the Palazzo. When Aaron is done we are going to walk to MGM Grand to see the lions, to the Bellagio for the fountains and the gardens, the M&M store and then find somewhere to eat dinner.

Last night we saw Mystere' and it was spectacular!!! I have never seen anything like it before. It was well worth the money. Las Vegas is nothing like I thought it would be, (not trashy at all, hehe). It is a very cool place. I would definitely come back, especially if it was cheaper and I could win some money, which I haven't yet! I will have pictures later. Right now I have to finish my chocolate cappuccino and focciachia du jour, yum!

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kristen said...

Oh man I completely forgot about the m&m factory...I can't wait to go to it and bring the girls home some really cool colors!

yes we can pick you guys up...probably Joe but then again i love the airport and driving at night by myself so we will see!