Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ok, I know that this may seem like a rant or whatever, but maybe it will make me feel better when aired out!

Someone recently told me that you should post the blah times too! Well right now I am listening to my baby cry in another room because he has a broken heart. And it is making me sad! The reason he is sad is because everyone went to the circus and we stayed home. I believe it is the right decision for many reasons.

  1. He is too young to go and enjoy it.
  2. I wouldn't have fun chasing him for that long
  3. He has a runny nose and doesn't feel well

I want the big kids to have fun and get to do things without the little ones. So I am fine not going today, in fact, I did not want to go. I don't want to go to the circus until my husband and I can take our family all together.



linda t said...

I'm proud of you Brandi... for speaking up. I have been where you are at... stuck between a rock and a hard place... wanting to be together as a family... but knowing that a circus opportunity can be tempting to the rest of the family... but knowing it would exclude you and Zac.
But you do know, that very soon, all this will be behind you and you will be creating memories like crazy and no one will be excluded.
In the mean time, be up front and honest. There is nothing wrong with saving certain events for when ALL of you can attend.
Love you Brandi.

kristen said...

Besides the sickness part I bet Zac would have enjoyed it. I am hesitant sometimes to do stuff with Mya but I am trying to just do it even if it ends up being horrible because you never know until you try. She did get squirmy but partly because it was nap time and no bear! Would it have been more enjoyable without her...well yes for me but the squealling that she did at the begin when it started was worth it. Zac would have been free and we could have just stuffed him full of cotton candy and passed him around...we did miss you guys being there.