Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hot Socks

Parker made heating pads out of socks a few years ago. You just microwave them and put them on your neck or wherever. Tonight, Parker asked if I would heat up the socks and I said no, because it was late and I didn't want to go back into the kitchen, (I know, that is kinda mean).

So I was listening to them take turns saying prayers and before Parker started, he said that his puppy had a back-ache and could I please heat up the sock for him. I had to hide my face to keep from laughing. After Parker finished, I told Alex to give me his sock too, in case his animal had a back-ache and I would just heat them both up. Well, Alex proceeded to tell me that Parker's puppy didn't have a back-ache, Parker just wanted it for himself. Then Alex said that he was going to use his sock for his own neck!

So I went and heated them both up. One for Alex's neck and one for Parker's stuffed puppy named Zackie. I had to laugh because that was a great way for Parker to make me feel bad that I said no the first time. He came up with a good reason to need his sock and I am pretty proud of him for thinking of the stuffed puppy. I could not say no to that!

Next time they ask, I will just heat up the sock to be nice. When I brought the socks back to their room, I told them the only way I was going to give it to them, was if they took a picture with the sock on. So they did!

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